Easy, Safe & Economical Bicycle Transport Services

We offer bicycle transport and shuttle services to and from events.


Our secured box trailer provide safe,  easy and economical bicycle transport which keeps your bike safe and unexposed from the natural elements whilst in transfer.


We also offer value added services like service packages before, during (stage events) and after events.


Your bicycle is not altered or modified in any way during the transport process.


Equipment protection is our main priority.



We offer bicycle service packages before and at the race.



  • Designed by cyclists for cyclists
  • Years of experience
  • Qualified bicycle mechanics and value added services
  • Secure, easy, convenient and cost effective
  • Equipment protection is our main priority
  • State of the art trailer
  • No alterations, modifications or changes to your bicycle to fit into our trailer
  • Secure boxed trailer to protect your bicycle
  • Hassle free and cost effective compared to air freight
  • We offer service packages for all bicycles
  • Clear and regular communication during transfer
  • Attention to detail
  • We offer a shuttle service should you want to travel care free with us in our H1 bus. *surcharge apply.


Cycle Transfer has transported bicycles to and from events since 2008.


The business was owned and operated by Christo van den Berg for more than 10 years.


The company was sold to Bicycology in December 2020 and rebranded to CYCLE TRANSFER WITH BICYCOLOGY.Bicycology is a bicycle repair and maintenance shop located in Groenkloof Pretoria.

As a bicycle shop this made perfect sense and CYCLE TRANSFER WITH BICYCOLOGY was born.

We had the idea/dream to offer this value added service to our clients but also understood the niche and intricacies when it comes to bicycle transport and the latest technologies on bicycles.

Let’s face it, no one wants anybody to alter or modify anything on their bicycle, especially not before a race/event. As qualified bicycle mechanics we understand this better than anyone else.

Our secure & enclosed boxed trailer features a seamless “roll in, roll out” design giving you complete peace of mind knowing your bike is safely stored and protected from any natural elements whilst in transit.

Easy, Safe & Economical Bicycle Transport Services.

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