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We have a partner that provides our cyclists with luxury tented accommodation at some of our events. When you book your transport for your bicycle, contact them directly to confirm your accommodation as there is limited space available (about 26 in total) per event.

4Trek Adventures originated from the idea to create a travel experience with a difference.

Traveling in Southern Africa often becomes a headache, and certainly, the country has lots of unexpected surprises. Surprises of the most spectacular views, passes, mountains, waterfalls and much more. Mostly all these are missed because of weird and wonderful places not always mentioned in the everyday travel brochures.

Our aim is certainly to introduce you to these places that provide our trips an added benefit of not just rush and go but rather a enjoy and relax. 4Trek originated out of this uniqueness to take groups on an adventure with a twist. We create experiences based on your requirements and introduce you to the added possibilities for the specific travel arrangement.

We are privileged to have a Tented Hotel Facility that we set up anytime, anywhere to create a bush-like feeling in every environment. Our Qualified and experienced chefs will entertain you with the best cuisine of all times.

Our clients will receive absolute astonishing service including a personal guide, chef and assistance for the sleeping facility requested, from a standard tent with stretcher up to the more luxurious option with beds and as expected from any hotel facility we always provide towels and bath amenities on our trips.

Combine your accommodation with Cycle Transfer’s Bicycle Transport Service for your team, club or group.

With 4Trek Tented Hotels, we can combine your trip to transport your bicycle down to an event while 4Trek Adventures provide luxury tented hotels with full catering services.

Events like Karoo2Coast and Trans Baviaans are the ideal events to make use of combined service.






Christo: 083 448 8264
Ansie: 082 923 9972